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Lotus Stem Silk Scarf in Green | 100% Pure Lotus Handwoven Scarf

Lotus silk is an extremely rare and highly exclusive textile. The scarf is crafted purely from the stems of lotus flowers that grow in abundance on Inle Lake in Myanmar.

The lotus stems are harvested by hand in the rainy season. The delicate fibres are extracted by hand from the lotus stems and rolled into the threads needed to weave the scarves. It takes the fibres of five long lotus stems to produce about 50 centimetres of lotus silk. It takes at least a week to make one lotus stem silk scarf.

Not only admired for its beauty, the lotus flower is the Buddhist symbol for purification of the spirit. It has been claimed that wearing lotus silk will calm you and make you more meditative. It is also claimed that lotus silk has healing properties.

This scarf is vegetable dyed using natural ingredients to create this vivid green colour. It is also available undyed (natural) and indigo.

  • Woven by artisans working on traditional hand operated looms in a small workshop on Inle Lake, Shan State.
  • Approximately 33cm x 175cm long.
  • Unisex.
  • Each scarf comes in its own handmade cotton envelope bag which can vary in colour. 
  • Read our detailed blog about our lotus scarves here.
  • Free shipping to the UK, Europe, US, India, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Martin from Switzerland
Beautiful memento scarf

The awesome scarf from Burma has reached the Swiss mountains. And I am so happy! I have visited the workshop on Inle lake nine years ago, during a motorbike tour. But I missed out on buying a scarf for myself back then. I have regretted this ever since. But now I proudly wear my memento of the 2014 trip. Thank you all!!!

Olivier de Lestrange
Unic scarf for connoisseur

Love lotus fabric. So exceptional. Great packaging

A really nice scarf

The lotus silk scarf is a really nice accessory that I'll surely use. I like the indigo color and and feeling of the fabric. I had to wait a loong while for it since the Royal Mail has issues (which isn't the seller's fault, they send it immediatelly) and then it spend a while in the customs... but it was worth it.

Kristina H

A great product, with an even greater cause behind it! The scarf is very versatile and comfortable. It’s definitely a nice conversation piece about what the fashion market could and should look like - ethical, sustainable and authentic.

susanne kende
Purchased as gift

For my 86 year old mom.
I had to wait a few days after receiving the scarf.
She immediately wore it and love it. She said it was nice and warm. She was so impressed when i showed her how the artisans make the silk then weave it. She realized how special it was. Thank you