YGN Collective was founded by a mother-daughter team, Johanna and Morgan, who are passionate about working with artisan women in Myanmar and supporting local handicraft production.

Johanna's mother fled Myanmar in 1949, along with her mother and siblings, and was never able to return. Morgan moved to Myanmar in 2015 and in doing so was the first out of her family to return to the country for over fifty years. One dry hot day before the rainy season, Johanna and Morgan had a chance encounter with exceptional artisans, who despite living with disabilities, produced beautiful jewellery. This gave them the idea of YGN Collective: to support artisans Myanmar wide.

"Our ethos from day one of YGN Collective has been to support independent artisans, especially those living in challenging circumstances. The artisans produce beautiful and traditional handicrafts which are often homogenous to their region. They spend their lives perfecting their craft, from skills which have been handed down by generations. Their market place has only ever been inside Myanmar.

It is important to us to personally forge links with our producers, visiting them in their homes, workshops and sharing a cup or two of tea along the way. We order directly, avoiding any factories or middle men.

All of the items we stock are entirely handmade, only using upcycled or natural materials. Each is unique, bearing slight variations, a testament to the artisan who made it.

YGN Collective was born out of the hope that, by supporting artisans who produce practical, beautiful and authentic pieces, often in unbelievably difficult environments, a little of the soul of Myanmar and it’s incredibly diverse and talented people could be brought to you and your home."