YGN Collective was founded in 2018 by a mother-daughter team, Johanna and Morgan, who have heritage to Myanmar.

We have lived, worked, studied, and travelled the diverse regions of the country. Artisans producing beautiful traditional handicrafts and homeware, often homogenous to their region, spend their lives perfecting their craft.

All of the items we stock are entirely hand made by family groups using upcycled or natural materials. These items are ethically sourced, providing the artisans with a sustainable and reliable income.

It is important to us to have personally forged links with each of our producers, visiting them in their homes and workshops and sharing a cup or two of tea along the way. We order directly with the artisans, avoiding any factories or middle men.

Our items take terrific journeys through Myanmar, some by boat, then car, then bus, then ship to arrive in our hands. Each are carefully packaged by the artisans themselves.

We hope that the items we have selected, being practical, beautiful and authentic, will bring a little of that magic to you and your home.