Tiger Bookends - Wooden, Hand Painted and Hand Carved Ornaments

A gorgeous pair of hand carved, hand painted tiger book ends produced in a family run workshop close to the Shwedagon Temple in Yangon, Myanmar. The tigers are unique and each one has it's own character. 

The tigers have been carved from one piece of wood and then hand painted. The bases have been painted in a deep oxide red which contrasts nicely with the tigers' dark yellow and black stripes.

Tigers are still found in the jungles of Myanmar, but are constantly under threat from deforestation and poaching. At last count only 22 tigers were identified during a scientific survey. A hundred years ago it was a very different story with a tigress even being spotted on the steps of the Shwedagon pagoda itself. 

These are perfect for someone looking for original and unique pieces that can be used as ornaments or bookends.

Dimensions in cm: 

16l x 6w x 10l